Submission Two: Task One – Our Main Audiences #DSMMCM1718

Following on from Task 1, this blog shall demonstrate different segmentation approaches and target audiences relating to the Mobike app.


Approach Choice Pros Cons
Behavioural Keyword search

Google (p.17)




Increase direct traffic to a website


Highlight superiority over competitors


Efficient – shows content to people performing the keyword search

No insight into why the search is performed


Privacy concerns

Locational Within 1 mile of the product


Specific Wifi Zone

Measurable to save time – where does CTR work better?

Location keywords

Ability to deliver hyper-local proximity notifications

Geo-targeting may lead to locations competing against one another


Assumes that all consumers in an area have similar needs

Psychographic Member of a Facebook (FB) group that demonstrates a hobby Insight into consumers needs/wants


Understand the value/ reasons behind their behaviour

Requires detailed research

– Behaviour = keyword search on Google

– Locational = indicated to be in a location via connecting to Wi-Fi

As markets become more fragmented we decided to combine approaches to efficiently target consumers and position the product accordingly. Since our PSO is an app development within a particular city, geographic segmentation plays an important role to specifically target an individual in an efficient area, likewise behavioural is important to find the organisation at their time of need e.g. keyword search.

Risk: These combined approaches have no explanation into a consumer values/needs/lifestyle so the level of market understanding is low.

Discarded: Member of a hobby FB group (psychographic) –data collection process is too time consuming as opposed to secondary data collection methods (p.58), the approach is specific so it reduces/block traffic having a negative effect on the optimisation of the digital offering.

Risk of discarding:

Psychographic targeting establishes an emotional connection to target potential consumers and thus increases the likelihood of acquisition.



Using the combined segmenting approaches, in Table 1 below we have identified several target audiences in which we would use for the MoBike App (our PSO).

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 22.50.37

Priority Advantages Disadvantages
#1 Highly relevant keyword search – increases traffic to MoBike landing page


‘Right product, right place’ – meets the needs of the local consumer


Competition for Google rankings


Popular Wi-Fi zone – may slow down and decrease user experience

#2 Niche/competitive targeting


Convenience boosts usage of the app and reduces cost to serve

Competitive rivalry with current integrated journey apps e.g. Uber

Invasion of the users privacy – discovering their Google searches

#3 Captures traffic in response to wider search queries No MoBike stations near Arndale – no demand for app

Chosen: TA who search into Google ‘how to get from A to B’ that indicate to be in Manchester via Piccadilly Wi-Fi Zone

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 23.41.41 


Increase MoBike brand visibility on Google

– Motivate customers to engage with your brand and its associated products

– Both the search (bike hire) and the landing page (MoBike) is relevant to the user, so hopefully increases C.T.R in hope of an interaction, then later conversion

Risk: A main issue with this choice is that currently MoBike does not show as a transport option on Google, to optimise this would be very expensive and time consuming. If MoBike did integrate their app into this search there would be competition from global company Uber.

Discarded & why:

#1 – Too much competition for the ad-word increases risk to ROI,

Search term too broad to show city bike hire schemes

#3 – Although relevant to the PSO, it is too broad of a search (mass competition, less visibility, misleading search results)

Risk of discarding:

#1 – Miss out on potentially large market (24.5 million pass though station annually), people often plan their route whilst on their journey to the station.

# 3 – Popular search term “things to do” near me



Lauren Maguire (15073629)

Emma Plenty (15068314)

Yousaf Majid (14044114)

Peter Nelson (15084679)

Alice Harling (15075761)


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