MOBIKE’s Digital Marketing Hourglass

What is the marketing hourglass?

One of the first things that you notice when observing a Digital Marketing Hourglass is the Hourglass shape. This is in relation to the development of the customer journey from  Engagement (Pre-Purchase) up through the Post-Purchase stages to Advocacy.


In terms of MOBIKE:


  • ENGAGEMENT– Creating/ Raising awareness of the MOBIKE app to our TA (people in Manchester who search ‘how to get from A to B’ on Google) by leading them to the MOBIKE landing page.


  • EDUCATION- Drive people from the MOBIKE landing page to the App Store/ Google Play Store by educating them about the service and the benefits that downloading the MOBIKE app provides.


  • RESEARCH- Include a brief meta description about the MOBIKE service and its aims on Google, Google Play and the App store. Show people FAQ’s about MOBIKE on the MOBIKE landing page to help answer any research queries.


  • EVALUATION- Show actual MOBIKE users personal reviews of the service on the website along with the MOBIKE app page (on Google Play and The App Store) to help potential customers to evaluate the app.


  • JUSTIFICATION- Help our TA to justify downloading the app by showing good user reviews/ pictures of MOBIKE’s on the App page (on Google Play and The App Store), whilst including a description as to why MOBIKE is better than its competition.



  • PURCHASE-  Assure the TA that it is simple to download the app and sign up for a MOBIKE account, whilst showing screenshots of the MOBIKE app (on the app page on Google Play & The App Store) displaying that the app is very user friendly and easy to navigate.


  • ADOPTION- On the app page (both Google Play & The App Store) show a short and simple step-by-step process educating people how to navigate the MOBIKE app.



  • RETENTION- Use in-app messaging to ask users to leave a review/rate the service on the App Store and Google Play and ask customers what MOBIKE could do to improve the App/service.


  • EXPANSION- Using upselling and cross selling Mobike could easily expand,  for example an upsell for Mobike would be to get cosumers to add more money to their account from £5 to £10. A cross sell would be getting consumers to upgrade to better packages, additional users etc. Upselling applies better to Mobike due to the nature of the app.


  • ADVOCACY-  This is where we’d like to increase loyalty to Mobike, the very end stage of a customer journey. This would be done through reviews on public pages, engagement and liking of sites to do with Mobike, and also recommending Mobike to friends and social groups.



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